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SPENCER - from Hollywood Reporter: Warner Bros. Animation and Cartoon Network Production Workers Launch Unionization Effort

“Sixty-six staffers at Warner Bros. Animation and 22 at Cartoon Network filed a petition for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board on Wednesday and simultaneously requested voluntary recognition from management at the Warner Bros. Discovery subsidiaries.”

JACOB - we have a couple articles from, starting with the trailer for the fourth season of Harley Quinn on HBO, one week before the season’s release.


Zorro: Sean Gordon Murphy Reveals New Comics Series

“‘The idea for this book is Don Quixote meets Narcos, told in a contemporary setting,’ Murphy says of Zorro: Man of the Dead. ‘Diego is a young man who's convinced that he's Zorro—as a child, he had a psychotic break after witnessing the murder of his parents by the drug cartel in his village. To cope with the trauma, he embraces the 200 year old legend of Zorro by putting on the mask, training with the sword, and waging a war against the Narcos to free his people.’”


Marvel Announces Thunderbolts Series With New Team Lineup

“Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing… are writing the new Thunderbolts series with artwork by Geraldo Borges. Bucky Barnes, in his new role as "the Revolution," puts together a team to help him act on a century's worth of secrets left behind by the fall of the Outer Circle that only he has knowledge of and bring down some of the Marvel Universe's biggest threats and worst actors.Among Bucky's chosen teammates are Black Widow, Sharon Carter AKA Destroyer, White Widow, Red Guardian, U.S. Agent, and Shang-Chi.”


Universal Monsters Comics Announced by Skybound Entertainment

“Fresh off the reveal that Skybound has secured the license to publish new Transformers and G.I. Joe comics, Robert Kirkman's imprint has nabbed another major license with the Universal Monsters. Skybound Entertainment has partnered with Universal Products & Experiences for multiple limited series comics based on the stable of classic Universal Monsters characters. The first series that will be published arrives on Wednesday, October 25, with Universal Monsters: Dracula. Eisner winner James Tynion IV will pen the series with his Department of Truth collaborator Martin Simmonds providing art. After this four issue series wraps up, even more comics based on the fan-favorite horror characters will follow.”

COLLIN - a tweet by Ram V…

“Very thrilled to say, I’ve signed an exclusive contract with @DCOfficial and am very excited to tell more stories with these characters and this universe. Many cool things to come! @thedcnation”

SPENCER - from

Superman: Legacy: An Updated Cast List For James Gunn’s DC Universe Movie

David Corenswet will be playing the new Superman.

Rachel Brosnahan will be Lois Lane.

Nathan Fillion will be Guy Gardner.

Isabela Merced will play Hawkgirl.

Edi Gathegi will be Mr. Terrific.

Finally, Anthony Carrigan is set to play Metamorpho.

“In addition to all the characters mentioned above, James Gunn has confirmed that Superman: Legacy will feature Jimmy Olsen, and Lex Luthor will also reportedly show up…”

JACOB - from

Heroes and Monsters Collide in the Crossover Comic Book Event of the Year!

“DC and Legendary Comics are celebrating the first day of San Diego Comic-Con 2023 with a colossal announcement: DC will collide with Legendary’s Monsterverse in Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong, the cataclysmic crossover event of the year you never expected! In partnership with Toho International, the 7-issue series, launching in October, is from acclaimed writer Brian Buccellato, bestselling artist Christian Duce and colorist Luis Guerrero!”

COLLIN - on to all the news from…

Superior Spider-Man Returns in 10th Anniversary Spectacular

“This October, Otto Octavius is back as the Superior Spider-Man!”

“Teased last week, the spider-team that redefined the AMAZING SPIDER-MAN will reunite to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the most monumental and shocking Spidey story in a generation in SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN RETURNS #1! Superior Spidey creators Dan Slott and Ryan Stegman will be joined by superstar artists Mark Bagley, Giuseppe Camuncoli, and Humberto Ramos to deliver a Spider-Man story SUPERIOR to all others in this giant-sized one-shot.”

“The era of SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN that kicked off when a dying Doctor Octopus swapped his mind into Peter Parker’s body was a mega hit with fans in 2013. Determined to prove himself better in every single way, Doc Ock ruthlessly made his way through Spider-Man’s legendary rogues' gallery, shocking fellow heroes with his violent approach to crimefighting before learning harsh lessons about great responsibility. Did Doc Ock have his fill of the web-head lifestyle or is ready to trade in his metal arms and be the smartest, strongest super hero in the Marvel Universe once more?”

“‘The challenge Marvel gave me was: for the 10th anniversary, how can we revisit Superior, without repeating ourselves, and while telling a story that impacts Spider-Man's world today?’ Slott explained. ‘SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN RETURNS is going to take an untold Superior tale, and drag it kicking, screaming, and violently exploding into the present. It's going to give you everything you liked about Superior but in new surprising ways. No time travel. No clones. And no way we're telling you how. Read the book!’”

SPENCER - All-New 'Spine-Tingling Spider-Man' Series Continues the Web-Slinger's Terror

“It’s the scariest Spider-Man story of the year!” “Following September’s SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN #0, the print version of the acclaimed Infinity Comic, writer Saladin Ahmed and Juan Ferreyra will reunite for an all-new SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN series in October! Ahmed and Ferreyra’s horror saga shook readers to their core when it debuted in 2021 on Marvel Unlimited, but that was just the beginning of Peter Parker’s nightmare! Spidey will continue to lose sleep as he swings his way into another unforgettable, mind-bending journey that grip reader’s fears in this new four-issue adventure!”

“After a fight with Spider-Cide, Spider-Man gets taken on the most frightening ride of his life as he finds himself in the most terrifying haunted house possible. Who took Peter’s powers? Who took Peter’s friends and family? Who stands the best chance at taking Spider-Man down permanently?!”

“‘We're putting Peter through a grueling horror movie grinder, and that resilient spirit of his will be tested like never before!" Ahmed promises. "I tapped into some darkness writing this, but the real star here is Juan's mind-blowing, visionary work—which is genuinely some of the best Spider-art I've ever seen.’”


'Crypt of Shadows' #1 Returns with More Chilling Tales Starring Your Favorite Marvel Heroes

“This October, take another frightening journey through the shadows of the Marvel Universe in CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1!

The hit one-shot is back for another year of tales starring some of the spookiest characters comics has to offer. The crypt will be reopened and the creatures, monsters, and ghouls of the Marvel Universe will emerge in this collection of terrifying and easily accessible stories that will haunt new fans and longtime readers alike this Halloween season!

Once more, as All Hallows’ Eve draws nigh, the dust-covered slab that seals shut the crypt, blocking out the sun and casting it forever in shadow, has creaked open to let the darkness loose to prey on the Marvel Universe! Be they mercenary or mage, guided by law or by rage, our heroes will face their terror, and they’d best pray their spines are sturdy enough for the job…or the crypt they find may well be their own! Read on if you dare to discover what awaits in this year’s CRYPT OF SHADOWS #1:

  • Victor Strange, younger brother of Doctor Strange, goes deeper than ever into the crypt as he once again plays host to the frightful festivities in a framing story by writer Al Ewing and artist Paul Davidson.

  • Writer Cavan Scott and artist Devmalya Pramanik present a devilishly delightful Deadpool story that features the classic horror charterer the Living Mummy and sets him up for an exciting new status quo!

  • Current SCARLET WITCH scribe Steve Orlando and artist Paul Azaceta weave a Scarlet Witch story where she faces a terrifying new villain called the Bricklayer!

  • Writer Sarah Gailey and artist Eder Messias explore “man vs. monster” in a tale starring Werewolf by Night and the Hulk!

  • The swamp creature who burns all who know fear battles alongside the man without fear! See Daredevil and Man-Thing team up for a spine-tingling adventure from writer Declan Shalvey and artist Alex Lins.”

COLLIN - The Heart of the Marvel Universe Will Be Reborn in 'Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant' Comic Book Series

“Announced exclusively by Entertainment Weekly, MS. MARVEL: THE NEW MUTANT will be a four-issue limited series co-written by Iman Vellani (Kamala Khan in Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel) and Sabir Pirzada (DARK WEB: MS. MARVEL), Marvel Studios’ Ms. Marvel) and drawn by artists Carlos Gómez (ROGUE & GAMBIT) and Adam Gorham (STAR WARS: DARTH VADER). Covers will be drawn by Marvel legend Sara Pichelli, known for her stunning and acclaimed work on titles such as ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN.”

“‘This was way scarier than joining the MCU for me,’ Vellani told EW. ‘Those projects feel like they live in their own dimension, so I guess I can separate myself easier. But you can hold a comic book! I've never written anything before in my entire life, but I have read many comics, so I just wrote what I would want to read. I was given a very professional tool to write what is essentially my own fan fiction.’”

“‘It was actually a very humbling experience to work with Iman, because she knows her comics even better than I do, and that is saying something,’ Pirzada added. ‘She was throwing out references to specific comics that came out before either of us were born. She has a very great eye for what makes for a good sequence on the page as drawn by an artist. It was very impressive to me to see her throw out all these references to different artists that she's been following through the years.’”

SPENCER - from Werewolf Captain America returns in ‘Capwolf & the Howling Commandos’ #1 “Courtesy of Marvel Comics, AIPT can exclusively reveal the cover and solicitation for Capwolf & The Howling Commandos #1. Written by Stephanie Phillips, the four-issue series launches October 11th with art by Carlos Magno.

‘This is the kind of story I was dying to tell at Marvel, blending my love of historical fiction with the incredible history of the characters in the Marvel Universe,’ Phillips told us. ‘CapWolf and the Howling Commandos may be a war story, but it also has horror, romance, and a few new characters that we introduce along the way. And just wait until you see Carlos Magno’s incredible artwork on this series…’”

JACOB - Exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter Mike Mignola Launching ‘Giant Robot Hellboy’

“Mignola has reunited with artist Duncan Fegredo for Giant Robot Hellboy, a three-issue mini-series that promises to be exactly what the title lays out, a Hellboy that is one giant mecha.”

“‘Giant Robot Hellboy is my very obvious nod to all those Japanese giant monster movies…which I actually have no particular love for,’ Mignola said in a statement. ‘What I do love is listening to Geof Darrow and Art Adams talks about those movies, so really, I guess this series was inspired by those guys.’

Mignola had been considering the concept for quite awhile.

‘I had the idea for this one a long time ago but figured it was too silly to actually do,’ continued Mignola. ‘Then the pandemic came along and I started to do all those sketches I would post online. I had never given a serious thought to what a giant robot Hellboy would look like but I knocked out a few sketches and I liked them. the thing started to seem like something that could actually be done.’”

“The first issue will drop from Dark Horse Comics in October, featuring a variant cover by Mignola and Stewart.”

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