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JACOB - Starting off, we got a trailer for the fourth season of The Boys, hitting Prime some time in 2024.

SPENCER - from DeMatteis to write ‘Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin’ in 2024

“Marvel Comics has revealed J.M. DeMatteis will return with a new four-issue miniseries Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin coming this April. The first issue is out on April 3, DeMatteis is joined by artist Michael Sta.”

“‘I’ve always been fascinated with Peter Parker’s early days as Spider-Man, a time before he fully understood what it meant to be a super hero,’ DeMatteis shared. ‘SHADOW OF THE GOBLIN allows us to take a deep dive into Young Peter’s mind and emotions as he makes his way through this exhilarating, and sometimes terrifying, new world. We take an equally-deep dive into the dysfunctional dynamic of the Osborn family, seeing how that generational pain sowed the earliest seeds of Norman’s Green Goblin identity and left its traumatic imprint on Harry. If you think you know everything there is to know about Peter and the Osborns, think again!’

JACOB - from

“DC Comics has announced the latest addition to their Black Label line of books. Dan Jurgens and Mike Perkins will team for The Bat-Man: First Knight, a three-issue series reimagining some of the dark knight’s earliest cases.”

“Here’s how DC describes The Bat-Man: First Knight:”“The year is 1939. The world, still reeling from the horrors of the First World War, is on the brink of tipping into an even more gruesome conflict, as fascism is on the march—and gathering strength in America’s darkest corners. Against this backdrop, a series of violent murders has begun in Gotham, and the recent emergence of the mysterious vigilante known as The Bat-Man has the power brokers of the city living in fear of institutional collapse. All of the evidence in the murder investigation defies logic: the perpetrators are all men who died in the electric chair. But when the Bat-Man comes face to face with one of these sickening anomalies, he barely escapes with his life—throwing into question his ability to survive in a world that is brutally evolving around him!”“The Bat-Man: First Knight #1 (of 3) is set to hit stores and digitally on Tuesday, March 5th, 2024.”

SPENCER - We got new footage of The Penguin on HBO Max. It is the newest footage seen since April of this year.

JACOB  - from comicbook.comJames Gunn Confirms Nicholas Hoult Is Lex Luthor in Superman Legacy

SPENCER - from

Suicide Squad: Dream Team: Amanda Waller Recruits a New Task Force X to Control the DC Universe

“Across the pages of Titans: Beast World and Action Comics, Amanda Waller has been carefully developing her blueprint to seize ultimate power in the DC Universe. This March, her plans take a major step forward with the creation of a new Task Force X, with an unexpected DC Super Hero at the center. Today, DC has confirmed plans for Suicide Squad: Dream Team, a new ongoing series written by Nicole Maines, with art by Eddy Barrows (Action Comics, Freedom Fighters) and Eber Ferreira. The debut issue arrives at participating comic book shops and e-tailers on Tuesday, March 12, 2024.“

JACOB  - from dc.comDC Just Revealed Batman's Surprising Connection to Santa Claus

“The issue follows Batman, Zatanna, and the Bat-Family's investigation of a string of holiday-themed killings, which they believe are caused by some sort of supernatural creature. The ruckus draws the connection of Santa Claus, who rides in on a reindeer to help. Santa and Batman quickly exchange pleasantries, as the latter reveals that he trained under Santa during his globe-trotting quest for knowledge. While he doesn't get into the specifics, he reveals that some of Santa's tricks are things he still uses today. This revelation surprises the Bat-Family, who either didn't know about this connection or who (in the case of Nightwing) thought it was just a fun bit of folklore.”

“Batman – Santa Claus: Silent Knight #1 is from Jeff Parker, Michele Bandini, Alex Sinclair, and Pat Brosseau”

“…#1 is now available wherever comics are sold.”

SPENCER - from


“Writer Peter J. Tomasi unforgettably captured the fun and action of young super heroes joining forces in DC’s fan-favorite Super Sons series. This February. Tomasi returns to the world of DC youth once more, this time with artist David Lafuente, and the sons of two of DC’s most infamous Super-Villains in Sinister Sons!”

“When the Lor-Zod, the son of General Zod, was cast off his adopted homeworld of New Kandor, he runs afoul of a kid on a mission, the son of Sinestro! Sinson is out to prove he’s got what it takes to live up to the family name of Sinestro, but all is not as it seems, and the sons’ journeys will take them into the heart of darkness in this sensational first issue! Tomasi and LaFuente are poised to deliver one of the most dynamic debuts of a duo in the history of the DC Universe!”

Sinister Sons #1 arrives in participating comic book shops and e-tailers on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, featuring a main cover by Brad Walker and Andrew Hennessy…”

JACOB  - from Cancels New Avengers Book -

Avengers Inc. will be ending after only five issues

“Marvel's latest Avengers book has already met its untimely end. In a recent post to his Substack newsletter, Marvel Comics executive editor Tom Brevoort revealed that Avengers Inc. will be ending with its upcoming fifth issue. The book, which follows Janet Van Dyne / The Wasp and Victor Shade, only launched in September of this year. According to Brevoort, the sales were not enough to keep the book going.

“‘Unfortunately, there weren't enough like you, so we will be wrapping up the series with issue #5,’ Brevoort said in response to a fan question about the future of Avengers Inc.”

SPENCER -  from

Johnny Blaze Takes His Final Ride in New 'Ghost Rider: Final Vengeance' #1 Cover

“This March, a new GHOST RIDER will set the roads of the Marvel Universe ablaze in GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE!”

“Continuing Benjamin Percy’s acclaimed and thought-provoking work on the Ghost Rider mythos, the new series will see the Spirit of Vengeance fall into the wrong hands and fans won’t believe who it is! Now, Johnny Blaze must embark on an epic quest to become Ghost Rider again before the newly possessed uses its demonic power for a dark purpose. Joining Percy on his latest hell ride will be Marvel newcomer Danny Kim, known for his work on last month’s GHOST RIDER ANNUAL #1.”

“Fans will have to wait to find out who the new Ghost Rider is, but in the meantime, see Johnny Blaze enjoy his last moments as the iconic Flamehead in Greg Capullo’s cover for GHOST RIDER: FINAL VENGEANCE #1.”

On sale March 13, 2024.

JACOB - from

The Sentry's Return to the Marvel Universe Leads to an Unsolved Mysteries Case (Exclusive)

“Jessica Jones and Misty Knight investigate unsolved mysteries involving The Sentry in a preview of the hero's new series. Sentry has a rather unique backstory when it comes to Marvel heroes, having been introduced in the early 2000s during Marvel's resurgence in popularity. Sentry, aka Bob Reynolds, used to wield the power of one million exploding suns and was a member of the Avengers, but he also has a violent past when influenced by his evil side, The Void. Sentry is currently dead, but as you'll see in an exclusive preview of The Sentry #1, people across the planet have started popping up with his power set.” has the exclusive preview of The Sentry #1 by Jason Loo, Luigi Zagaria, Arthur Hesli, and VC's Joe Caramagna. It begins with Misty Knight and Jessica Jones onsite of a superhuman event, with a building leveled and its occupants barely escaping with their lives. When pressed, the witnesses revealed their apartments were hit by laser beams, with a person crashing through the ceiling and bringing the building down. Somehow, all the residents woke up to find themselves outside the rubble. Next, a woman comes out to say that her roommate Mallory Gibbs, who has cerebral palsy, may be trapped.”

“Jessica Jones and Misty Knight begin looking for Mallory but find no trace of her. Misty mentions that a few days ago satellites picked up an energy spike in Columbus, OH that matched Sentry's. Similar to this incident, that one resulted in a neighborhood blown up and an 18-year-old named Ryan Topper also missing. The only piece of the puzzle is Sentry is supposed to be dead following the King in Black event.”

“To end the preview, we see Mallory Gibbs tinkering with a Spider-Man pen when she starts to have flashbacks to events in Sentry's past, like his battle with the Hulk and the Siege of Broxton, OK. Next thing Mallory knows, she soars out of her home and comes crashing down inside a laundry mat.” 

The MCU's Sentry revealed to be Steven Yeun

“The Sentry is rumored to be the main villain of Thunderbolts, one of several films set to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Steven Yeun (Invincible, The Walking Dead) has been cast in Thunderbolts, but his role has been kept a secret – at least until Robert Kirkman spoiled the news that Yeun will be playing Sentry.”

"’He called me, he went in for a costume fitting,’ Kirkman told David Finch while a guest on the artist's YouTube channel. ‘I don't think this is a spoiler, or anything that will get anybody in trouble. I don't know, maybe, we'll see. I don't care, I don't work for Marvel. What are they going to do to me? He called me and said, 'I just came back from a costume fitting for Sentry. I guess I only do superheroes that wear yellow and blue.'" Steven Yeun also voices Mark Grayson/Invincible in the Prime Video adult-animated series Invincible, which Kirkman is a creator on.”

“The exclusive preview of The Sentry #1 is below. The issue goes on sale Wednesday, December 6th.”

SPENCER - from starwars.comMace Windu Will Finish Qui-Gon Jinn’s Last Mission in Star Wars: The Glass Abyss - Exclusive Reveal is excited to reveal Star Wars: The Glass Abyss, a new novel coming August 6, 2024, from Random House Worlds. Set after the death of Qui-Gon at the hands of Darth Maul, a saddened Mace Windu finds himself thrust into an adventure upon receiving a posthumous message from Jinn. The book is a return to Star Wars for author Steven Barnes, writer of the Star Wars Legends classic The Cestus Deception, as well as over 30 sci-fi novels and various TV series.”

“Star Wars: The Glass Abyss arrives August 6, 2024, and is available for pre-order now.”

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