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Jacob's DGB 10.2022 Review


The Wolf Among Us was initially released on October 11, 2013, developed and published by Telltale Games. It is a story based on Bill Willingham’s Fables comic book series. This game was released on PS 3, 4, VITA, XBOX one, 360, pc, mobile…… everything but nintendo.


The story follows Bigby, the big bad wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown. The game opens with a domestic disturbance, you know, something easy to get used to the controls, and then the first chapter ends with a gruesome murder. The twist is that they only find the head of a body, but it is the head of the person standing right next to Bigby! As Bigby investigates he uncovers Political Corruption, weird kinks, the body the head belongs to, several problems with Fabletown’s version of a healthcare system, and a black market that’s corrupting most of Fabletown’s residents.

Visuals and Gameplay

If you’ve played a Telltale game, you know what you’re getting here as far as visuals and gameplay. The characters are cell shaded. The game looks great, I think my only complaint about the whole game is that the shadow effects were a little rough. They usually looked blocky and kind of glitched through most character’s geometry. My guess is that it was either because of the artstyle, or possibly limitations of the game engine TT was using. It sometimes looked like they had to get creative moving objects in/out of the camera or around the room, which is a nice way of saying there is some visual jank but it really doesn’t matter, they were such small bugs I quickly forgot about them. They are the kind of bugs that nostalgia quickly covers up, because this is such a great game.

Most of the game is played by making choices in a conversation, usually an empathetic option, an asshole option, a middle option, and silence. These games stress me out. People who know me know I’m kind of… socially retarded, and these games only highlight that fact. Out of the four previously mentioned options, I usually only have the “sit in silence” in real life, so for the game to give me a timer as I consider three new options scares the crap out of me. It also bugs me when I choose an option that says “No, I’m not going to do that”, and my character says “Fak you, I’ll never help you”. Sometimes subtlety gets lost in translation.

I guess the visuals section is a good time to talk about the quick time events. If a chase or fight scene happens (most people don’t really like Bigby), it would result in a QTE where I would be prompted with a swipe of a joystick, a button prompt, or to mash the A button. The stick swipes are cool because they moved Bigby (sometimes the guy he was grappling with), it made the fight feel much more interactive. In the last chapter he’s chasing a car through traffic, and the game gave me an option to jump out of the way or over a truck. I did find it odd that joystick swipes didn’t depend on which stick, and also the few times I had to put the cursor over something the game would specify the left or right trigger to pull, but it never mattered which trigger I pulled. I got it wrong several times but it still succeeded. My last thought on visuals is that the options in the settings menu are extremely limited. Graphics and Texture quality levels, Antialiasing, fullscreen on/off and resolution are the only options. I guess because it is a TT game it’ll basically run on anything, so there’s really no need to put a ton of options in.

Sound Design

Again, I’m gonna skimp on this part of my review. The voice actors absolutely crush it, Bigby sounds like he gargled gravel since he left his Mother’s den, Jonathan Crane is a creepy old perv, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and the Beast, Toad, Crooked Man, every character sounds how you would imagine them if you only saw a picture. Besides that, though, the sounds of interacting with the world are minimal, or are present and do their job so well I didn’t even notice. There were a few times my conversation choices would be delivered uncomfortably early or late, but that’s just the game being dumb. The music is great, I’d describe it as gumshoe jazz I guess? I would have guessed there were 3-5 songs, but a quick google search tells me that the official soundtrack has 42 total songs, so maybe I should just hang up my reviewing hat, apparently I’m not very good at this…


I’ve had a rough history with Telltale games, at first not realizing it was an interactive story, expecting an action game. I’ve started the first batman game THREE different times. I didn’t know Wolf Among Us was based on comics, I just knew it was Spencer’s favorite TT game so I had to review it here before he did. But also he’s told me quite often I had to play so here it is. I enjoyed my time a lot. I spent about 8 hrs playing this game. It’s nice to come home from work, pour a sippa whiskey and just chill with a low intensity game. I spent $15 for 13 games (most of them TT games) on a humble bundle in June of 2020. Wolf Among Us is $15 on steam right now. That’s a pretty fair price, I think.

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