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Exclusive from DEADLINE.COM

Hot on the heels of announcing Death Stranding 2 (w/t) at The Game Awards, gaming auteur Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions has partnered with Barbarian EP Alex Lebovici’s Hammerstone Studios to develop and produce a film adaptation of the former’s hit video game, Death Stranding.

The film being fully financed by Hammerstone will be produced by Kojima and Lebovici via their respective banners, with Kojima Productions US and Allan Ungar serving as exec producers.

The plot for the project, marking Kojima Productions’ first-ever feature adaptation, is being kept under wraps. But we hear that it will introduce new elements and characters within the Death Stranding universe. It’s not yet clear who will write and direct the pic, though we understand it’s now on the fast track, with development underway.



Henry Cavill is moving on. After the actor’s recently touted return as Superman was ruled out this week by DC Studios boss James Gunn, speculation that Cavill might respond by un-retiring from the role of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher has been squashed — it’s not happening. But the world’s favorite nerdy beefcake does have a new project lined up: a Warhammer 40,000 adaptation with Amazon.

After an initial report from the Hollywood Reporter that Amazon was in the final stages of securing the rights, Games Workshop announced it had reached an agreement with the tech and entertainment giant to create Warhammer a 40K cinematic universe. Cavill, a noted Warhammer fan, is set to star and serve as executive producer. No showrunner or writer is attached yet to the adaptation of the dark fantasy sci-fi setting of Games Workshop’s tabletop wargames. The Hollywood Reporter piece mentioned a series, but Games Workshop said the deal encompasses film, TV, and more.

“I have loved Warhammer since I was a boy, making this moment truly special for me. The opportunity to shepherd this cinematic universe from its inception is quite the honour and the responsibility,” Cavill said in a statement. It seems the actor will have some say in the direction of the whole franchise, with Games Workshop saying he is “bringing his lore expertise to the mantle of executive producer, and his sword arm to the starring role.”



Amazon Games will publish the next Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider game, which was announced earlier this year.

In April, Crystal Dynamics revealed that it was developing the next Tomb Raider game in its series that began with a reboot back in 2013. They did so during the State of Unreal 2022 presentation, revealing that this Tomb Raider sequel – the fourth in this rebooted series – will be built on Unreal Engine 5. Now, Crystal Dynamics has announced that Amazon Games will publish this sequel.

"Amazon Games and Crystal Dynamics today announced they have reached an agreement under which Crystal Dynamics will develop a new multiplatform Tomb Raider title, with Amazon Games providing full support and publishing the game globally," a press release reads. "The as-yet-untitled new Tomb Raider is a single-player, narrative-driven adventure that continues Lara Croft's story in the Tomb Raider series.

"It includes all the elements that have made Tomb Raider one of the most revered franchises in gaming, giving players control of the confident and multidimensional hero Lara Croft in an environment that rewards exploration and creative pathfinding, with mind-bending puzzles to solve, and a wide variety of enemies to face and overcome."

The press release says the studio is using Unreal Engine 5 to make this upcoming game the "most expansive Tomb Raider game to date." This sequel is currently in early development.



Developers at the Boston-based gaming studio Proletariat announced plans to unionize on Tuesday. If successful, roughly 60 employees there who worked on World of Warcraft’s new Dragonflight expansion would join the growing ranks of organized labor across parent company Activision Blizzard and beyond.

The group, called the Proletariat Workers Alliance, is unionizing with the Communications Workers of America and says it has a supermajority of support among qualifying staff at the studio. While it has filed for a union election with the National Labor Relations Board, it’s also calling on Activision Blizzard to voluntarily recognize the union in a break with the Call of Duty publishers’ attempts to stall and sabotage similar efforts at its other studios.

The Proletariat Workers Alliance would be unique among gaming unions for representing all non-management staff at the studio, rather than just quality assurance staff as is the case at Raven Software, Blizzard Albany, and unionization efforts currently underway at Microsoft’s Bethesda studios. The Proletariat developers list flexible PTO, optional remote work, no mandatory overtime, and policies fostering diversity, equality and inclusion among the demands they plan to negotiate at the bargaining table if the union drive is successful.



We’ve had a few Hellboy games over the years, based on both the comics and the films, but none have managed to capture Mike Mignola’s iconic style as perfectly as Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd, announced tonight at the Game Awards.

An action game, it drops you into a 3D realization of Hellboy’s comic book world, and asks you to do the only thing you would ever want to do in a Hellboy game: beat the absolute shit out of some monsters with the Right Hand Of Doom.

Hellboy: Web Of Wyrd is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and the Switch.



Kevin Conroy, whose voice became synonymous with Batman over 30 years’ worth of cartoons, movies and video games, sadly passed away last month at the age of 66. His final performance in the role is still to come, though, as he had already played the Caped Crusader one last time in the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The announcement, made at The Game Awards, formed part of a short tribute to the actor (played at the end of a trailer), who has voiced Bruce Wayne and Batman in everything from Batman: The Animated Series to the Arkham series of video games, which Suicide Squad developer Rocksteady Studios also created.



Respawn Entertainment’s next Star Wars game is almost here. A new trailer showed off Star Wars Jedi: Survivor’s upgraded gameplay and finally made the March 17, 2023 release date, previously leaked on Steam, official. Plus Cal has a beard!

The action platformer was first revealed back in May and takes place five years after the events of Fallen Order. A previous teaser trailer showed former Jedi turned fugitive of the Empire Cal Kestis observing a mysterious figure inside of a healing tank, as well as a few other cryptic scenes. The new one dives into the sequel’s platforming, combat, and new characters. Cal’s no longer just a Padawan, and the gameplay leans into that.



Diablo 4 is the next mainline entry into the long-running RPG series. It's been a long time since the last installment, meaning that fans around the world are hungry for any news available.

During The Game Awards 2022, Diablo 4 received a new cinematic trailer. This was shortly followed by an announcement of a release date. The trailer is a grim affair, showcasing Diablo 4's return to a more gritty and bloody tone.

We also got Diablo 4 gameplay footage during the Xbox and Bethesda showcase. Watching this new character casting blood and bone spells, the Necromancer can also summon undead minions to assist in the fight.

Diablo 4 will launch on June 6, 2023 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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