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ROM the Space Knight was a toy made by Parker Brothers that Marvel got the rights to and made a bunch of comics. IDW publishing eventually got the rights from Marvel, Hasbro eventually got the rights from Parker Brothers, and now Marvel has the rights again and their first move is to release an omnibus and a facsimile edition of 1979's Rom #1. The ROM omnibus collects issues #1-29 of ROM’s original 1979 run and POWER MAN AND IRON FIST (1978) #73.


DC announced that they are releasing G'nort's Illustrated Swimsuit Edition on August 29th. For those who don’t know, G’nort is a Green Lantern. says “The 48-page one-shot will collect some of the best swimsuit covers from recent years of DC's comics, a trend that officially began with a string of variant covers in 2022.”



Marvel has revealed the creative team that is taking over for Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto on Daredevil. Their celebrated run on Daredevil comes to an end in August, and they will be followed by a new volume of Daredevil kicking off the following month in September, from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Aaron Kuder. r/


A lot of weird things happen in the world of X-Men all the time, but here’s one for you: There is a god of all mutants, and his name is Beast. Through weird time travel shenanigans, Beast is an evolved villain now and that’s kinda cool.


Exclusive from

“Disney begins third round of planned layoffs. The initial wave began on March 27 when Bob Iger confirmed the plan for three rounds of layoffs as the company looks to reduce its workforce by about 7,000 employees.”




-shouldn’t be labeled as part of the strike


Star Trek: Resurgence launched this Tuesday (May 23). It was created by Dramatic Labs.

From their website: “Dramatic Labs is an independent collaboration of 20+ former Telltale writers, developers, designers, artists, and producers.”



“[Dark Horse Comics] is releasing deluxe editions of Trigun and Trigun Maximum. According to Dark Horse, Yasuhiro Nightow's manga is getting a hardcover deluxe edition in early December. It will be followed by a hardcover deluxe edition of Trigun Maximum, and the sequel will drop in April 2024. At this time, no price point has dropped for the editions, but Dark Horse Comics has

released these deluxe manga editions in the past. Most notably, Berserk has been gifted its own collection, and each volume costs between $40-50 USD.”



“Ahead of the launch of the new series, DC Comics has released the first complete preview for Batman: The Brave and the Bold #1. The new anthology series will feature multiple stories from a several fan-favorite creators, with Tom King and Mitch Gerads reuniting for a new title. Fans of King's work in DC should be anticipating this new one, which was previously described as "a horrifying four-part retelling of the first bloody clash between the Joker and the Batman." Titled "The Winning Card," the story is "A tale of loathing, lies, and laughter, this may be the most frightening Joker story in a generation.

Set to be released this week, DC's new Batman: The Brave and the Bold will include three other stories for fans." -story/



“This August, writer Al Ewing will take the reins on Marvel Comics’ god of thunder with Immortal Thor #1.

Speaking to Polygon via email, Ewing said the book’s title is his version of throwing down a gauntlet. If he has his way, Immortal Thor won’t just equal Immortal Hulk, it will surpass it.

“Putting [Immortal] on a book I’m writing is a promise to the reader, and to myself,” Ewing wrote. “I was the one who pitched the title — not editorial, not anyone else — and it was basically a self-challenge. Can I do a book like that again? Can I do my end of it better this time? I have to try, because the alternative is just lie down and let the grass grow where I fell.

“Hulk was horror and tragedy,” he told Polygon, “but Thor tacks more toward fantasy and hope. Bruce Banner is fractured by his origin, going through a hell of his own making to gain the power of a monster — Don Blake becomes the person he truly is inside, and in so doing, gains the power of a god. (An unconventional god! Long hair in the early ’60s was more of a flex than we might credit, though I do remember Jane fantasizing about giving him a haircut.) To put my biblical hat back on for a second — if IMMORTAL HULK was the Old Testament, IMMORTAL THOR is the New Testament.”

As for Immortal Hulk’s Hulk-sized length, Ewing says he already has a “rough map” to Immortal Thor #50, and hopes the series can go on even longer. He is joined on the book by artist Martín Cóccolo (Deadpool) on interiors and Matt Wilson (Thor) on colors. Just as with Immortal Hulk, legendary painter Alex Ross will be providing cover art for each issue. Ross consulted on Thor’s costume design for the series — “a new take on ‘Kirby Classic,’” as Ewing put it.

Readers looking forward to Immortal Thor will want to pick up Marvel’s Thor Annual #1, hitting stands on July 5. That issue will have a bridging story, linking the end of the current Thor series — written by Torunn Grønbekk (Mighty Valkyries) and drawn by Juan Gedeon (Jurassic League) — to Immortal Thor’s starting point. That said, Ewing noted that new readers will find it easy to pick up Immortal Thor #1 and start reading.

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