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More than 11,000 members of the Writers Guild of America (WGA) are set to go on strike Tuesday morning for the first time since 2007, a move that could bring an immediate halt to the production of many television shows and possibly delay the start of new seasons of others later this year.

“Though we negotiated intent on making a fair deal … the studios’ responses to our proposals have been wholly insufficient, given the existential crisis writers are facing,” said a statement from the union leadership.

“They have closed the door on their labor force and opened the door to writing as an entirely freelance profession. No such deal could ever be contemplated by this membership.”

While union members would be on strike as of 3 am EDT Tuesday, the WGA tweeted that it would not set up picket lines until Tuesday afternoon.

The Alliance of Motion Pictures and Television Producers, which is negotiating on behalf of studio management, responded by saying it was willing to improve on its offer but was not willing to meet some of the union’s demands.

“The primary sticking points are ‘mandatory staffing,’ and ‘duration of employment’ — Guild proposals that would require a company to staff a show with a certain number of writers for a specified period of time, whether needed or not,” said the statement from management’s negotiating committee.

“Member companies remain united in their desire to reach a deal that is mutually beneficial to writers and the health and longevity of the industry, and to avoid hardship to the thousands of employees who depend upon the industry for their livelihoods.”



FALL OF X, the X-Men’s new era that marks the potential end of Krakoa as we know it, is rapidly approaching! Over the last few weeks, fans have learned about some of the exciting new series that will launch during this dark new age of mutantkind, but one has remained shrouded in mystery… until now! This August, X-Men visionary Louise Simonson, known for her franchise-defining work on classic runs of X-FACTOR and NEW MUTANTS, is back with an all-new JEAN GREY solo series!

FALL OF X will officially kick off in July’s X-MEN: HELLFIRE GALA #1 where epic tragedy will strike and mutantkind’s future will spiral into uncertainty. Throughout this period of turmoil, Jean Grey, the heart of the X-Men, holds the key to rescue mutantkind, but first she’ll need to go on a journey alone into the darkest periods of her history.

Joined by artist Bernard Chang (CHILDREN OF THE ATOM), Simonson will reveal senses-shattering new insights behind key moments in Jean’s past including her early days with the X-Men, her breathtaking first interaction with the Phoenix Force, her shocking confrontation with Madelyne Pryor, and more. Each chapter will be packed with heartbreaking secrets and pulse-pounding mystery as Jean discovers the truth of what’s happening and what she must do… From the ashes of Jean’s past comes the only hope for the X-Men’s salvation!

After the events of the Hellfire Gala, Jean’s life is in shambles. Mutantkind is in dire straits – and there’s nothing this founding X-Man can do. She’ll have to save herself first. And that means looking into her past – for the moment when it all went wrong – in a desperate attempt to save her and all Krakoa’s future!

“I loved writing X-FACTOR and Jean was a pivotal part of those stories, from the escape from her Phoenix-created cocoon to her life and death battle with the Goblin Queen in "Inferno." So It's really exciting to explore Jean's part in this new mega-adventure,” Simonson shared.

On Jean’s importance to the X-Men mythos, Simonson said, “Jean has always been a pivotal character, the fulcrum upon which so many vital story points balance. She has been constantly impacted by events outside herself and struggles to control the things she can. Her life experiences have made her cautious, less impulsive and certain than when she was younger. Her telepathic power lets her know the best and worst of those around her but she remains loving and empathic, with a strong moral core. She's brave and constantly questions herself: Did I do what was right?”



Netflix has renewed Sweet Tooth for a third and final season.

The fantasy series, which follows human-animal hybrids Gus and Jepperd as they adventure through a post apocalyptic world, will return for a final send-off in 2024, the streaming service announced Wednesday. Its next installment has already been filmed in New Zealand.

Series creator, showrunner, and executive producer Jim Mickle previewed the pair's forthcoming journey while speaking with Netflix's Tudum. "Season 3 is an Arctic story with exciting new adventures and what we hope will be a satisfying conclusion to this epic tale," he said. "Gus is going to see a side of the world and humanity that he didn't see in season 1 or 2."

Based on Jeff Lemire's comic books of the same name, Sweet Tooth is set 10 years after "the Great Crumble," a calamity that led to the curious emergence of human-animal hybrids. After years spent living isolated from the rest of the world, Gus sets out with Jepperd and, along the way, they encounter new friends and foes.



The writers strike has taken a bite out of Blade.

Marvel Studios is shutting down pre production on its vampire thriller starring Mahershala Ali, which was set to begin filming next month in Atlanta. The feature project, which has been paused once before, becomes the first tentpole movie impacted by the strike.

Blade had recently hired True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto to work on the script, but, according to an insider, “time simply ran out.” The studio will restart the production once the strike is over.

Since the strike action began Tuesday, the biggest impact has been on late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live. One drama series, Showtime’s Billions, halted production Thursday due to picketing.

While some studios have one or two movies going into production, Marvel is seemingly propping up the industry by planning on having three movies shooting at the same time, not to mention two series. Even with the Blade shutdown, it is gearing up for one of the busiest times in the company’s history.



DC is revealing three brand-new titles that will be under The New Golden Age banner spearheaded by superstar writer Geoff Johns (Flashpoint). All-Star creative teams will be bringing Golden Age characters Alan Scott, Jay Garrick and Wesley Dodds to life in three six-issue mini-series, Alan Scott:The Green Lantern by Tim Sheridan and Cian Tormey, Jay Garrick: The Flash by Jeremy Adams and Diego Olortegui and Wesley Dodds: The Sandman by Rob Venditti and Riley Rossmo.

“It’s long past time that the heroes of the Justice Society had their own titles again,” said Geoff Johns. “At the same time, they had to be special, important, and emotional stories, each one exploring character, revealing secrets, and introducing new heroes and villains to the DC Universe.”

Alan Scott: The Green Lantern by Tim Sheridan (Flashpoint Beyond) and Cian Tormey (Superman: Son of Kal-El) will be Alan Scott’s first solo title since 1949. Through a twist in the timeline, Alan Scott: The Green Lantern revisits and recontextualizes the origins of the first Green Lantern through the lens of our modern understanding of the man. The story, which begins in the 1930s, is about an old flame – the kind that burns eternal – and the sometimes head-on, single-track collision of our personal and professional lives. This is Alan’s coming-of-age, in which he must embrace the man he is, to become the hero he’s meant to be. In the end, he’ll have gained a greater understanding of himself and his gifts – as he unlocks a new, previously unknown ability that could make him the most powerful Green Lantern in existence!

Jeremy Adams (The Flash) and Diego Olortegui (Aquaman: The Becoming) are teaming up for Jay Garrick: The Flash. It’s hard being a parent, especially when your kid is a speedster! Jay Garrick has been reunited with his long lost daughter, Judy, but figuring out how to connect with her is proving to be difficult. They’ll need to work to find common ground when a mission that started in Jay’s early days as the Flash comes roaring to today. But will The Flash and The Boom be able to thwart a plan that’s been in the works for decades?!

Wesley Dodds: The Sandman by Rob Venditti (Superman ‘78) with art from Riley Rossmo (Harley Quinn) shows the titular character as a pacifist. He has given up on the hope of a peaceful world, but he hasn’t stopped believing that people can be better to each other, if they’re only given the right tools. Possessing a scientist’s optimism and romanticism, he is convinced that humanity can invent cures for its own ills. Having learned about the battlefield horrors of World War I from his father, he sought to create a sleep gas that would allow for “humane” warfare. During his research, he recorded all of his attempts in his science journal - even those with horribly deadly consequences - swearing to never show them to the world. Now his journal has been stolen, and he must find the culprit and stop them before his deadly mis-inventions fall into the arsenals of the belligerent nations threatening to pull the United States into the next world war.


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