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09.03.22 SOURCES


Harley Quinn has been renewed for a fourth season, according to the show's official Twitter account.



Ben Kingsley is poised to reprise the role of Trevor Slattery in the upcoming Wonder Man series from Marvel Studios at Disney+, Variety has learned exclusively from sources.

The show was first revealed to be in the works back in June. It will focus on the Marvel character Simon Williams, a.k.a. Wonder Man. In the comics, Williams is the son of a wealthy industrialist whose company falls on hard times due to competition from Tony Stark’s Stark Industries. Williams then accepts an offer from villain Baron Zemo that gives him ionic superpowers including super strength and durability. After fighting the Avengers several times, Wonder Man ultimately joined their ranks.

Kingsley returning as Slattery lends credence to reports that the show is intended to be a Hollywood satire, as it has been established that Slattery is a failed actor and Wonder Man has been an actor and a stuntman in the comics. Exactly how Kingsley would factor into the plot of the series and how many episodes he would appear in is being kept under wraps, but sources say he will play a major role.

Reps for Kingsley declined to comment. Marvel Studios does not comment on projects in development.



The virtual fan convention DC FanDome won't be taking place this year. Originally launched in 2020, DC FanDome was a virtual convention that covered DC content consisting of comics, TV shows, and movies, with stars and creators holding virtual panels to discuss their many projects. DC FanDome has also served as the first place fans could see trailers for The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game, Zack Snyder's Justice League, and more. Unfortunately, Warner Bros. Discovery has canceled this year's DC FanDome, according to Popverse. can also confirm the latest update to DC FanDome.

"With the return of in person events, Warner Bros. Discovery is excited to be able to engage with our fans live at numerous comic-cons around the world and will not be scheduling DC FanDome for 2022," a statement from Warner Bros. Discovery reads.



The Flash has his work cut out for him next year as he goes up against an entire army within the span of a minute -- all while his book begins publishing on a twice-monthly schedule.

CBR can exclusively reveal "One Minute War," the next story arc to embroil DC's Scarlet Speedster. Beginning in January's The Flash #790, which also kicks off the series' twice-monthly schedule, "One Minute War" sees the Flash facing an armada of aliens who are also connected with the Speed Force. As speedsters collide, one of the most intense battles the Earth has ever known wages within a mere minute.

Writer Jeremy Adams sat down with CBR for an exclusive interview to discuss the "One Minute Army" story arc, emphasizing that the metaplot would lean into the idea of how regular time seems slow for superpowered beings capable of moving faster than light. "For speedsters, time generally moves differently. As we've seen in countless movies, when a speedster moves, everything around them slows down," Adams said. "Now, you add these Conquerors - the Fraction. An alien empire that uses the Speed Force like we use solar, or nuclear. They move as fast as our speedsters, so our guys' advantage is kind of nullified. And because they're moving so fast, the idea that this war happens in one minute of current continuity just kind of struck me as cool."



A heroic team of forgotten vampires will step out of the shadows in a new Marvel event. Unforgiven is the title of an event taking place across three one-shots featuring Spider-Man, the X-Men, and Avengers. Written by Tim Seeley and drawn by Sid Kotian, the three-part story kicking off in 2023 brings back the Forgiven, a team of unlikely superheroes that debuted in 2011's Fear Itself: Hulk vs. Dracula. Marvel continues to grow its supernatural corner of the universe, and Unforgiven follows similar efforts in the Darkhold event starring Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom.

The first story in the event is Spider-Man: Unforgiven #1, and will continue in X-Men: Unforgiven #1 and Avengers: Unforgiven #1. Other supernatural-based stories and events taking place across the Marvel Universe in the coming months include a class between Marc Spector and Werewolf by Night in Moon Knight Annual #1, the return of the Midnight Suns, the relaunch of Strange Academy, and a Crypt of Shadows one-shot featuring Moon Knight, Wolverine (Laura Kinney), Elsa Bloodstone, Man-Thing, Werewolf by Night, and Bloodline, Blade's daughter who debuted in Free Comic Book Day: Avengers/X-Men #1.

"I love Marvel super heroes, no doubt, but I've got a special obsession with Marvel's horror heroes," Seeley said in a statement. "UNFORGIVEN gives that creepy, sexy, weird underbelly a chance to shine as a horrific conspiracy unites a crew of vampires with Spider-Man, the X-Men and Captain America, and shows us the stark differences (and surprisingly similarities) of those who are gifted with the ability to fight evil, and those who have to carry evil's curse. By the end of this epic event, we'll have toured a lot of dark corners of the Marvel Universe, and reminded readers that monsters are at its shrunken black heart!"


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