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08.15.21 SOURCES


Hulu released the first trailer for Y: The Last Man, coming September 13 exclusively to Hulu.


HBO Max released the first teaser for Doom Patrol season 3, premiering September 23 2021.


Newsletters: They aren’t just for successful Twitter personas and fledgling media brands anymore!

James Tynion IV, the current writer of DC Comics’ The Joker and flagship Batman, will soon wrap up his assignments with the comics publisher in order to launch a new line of creator-owned comics on Substack. Known for juggling indie projects like The Department of Truth and Something is Killing the Children with major DC tentpoles, Tynion will kickoff the newsletter with Blue Book, a series about true-life documented UFO encounters that teams him with artist Michael Avon Oeming (Powers) and letterer Aditya Bidikar (The Department of Truth). Tynion’s Substack launches in early September. It’s unclear when the writer’s run on the core DC hero books will end.


Robin fans have a lot to be thankful for this November.

The Eisner-winning superstar team of writer Jeff Lemire (SWEET TOOTH) and artist Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN) are reuniting after their incredible run on DESCENDER and ASCENDER for ROBIN & BATMAN, a three-issue miniseries exploring the beginning of Dick Grayson’s crime-fighting career.

The world’s first sidekick is just starting out at the side of Batman, struggling to find his own path from personal tragedy to being a Super Hero. It’s an intimate look at the first growing-pains of one of the legends of Gotham City in this gorgeous, 40-page, three issue, prestige format title.



We mostly think of Batman as a street-level crimefighter, honoring

the death of his parents by cleaning up Gotham City from criminals and supervillains. But the Dark Knight is surprisingly adaptable to other genres and timeframes. He's been a vampire (in Batman: Vampire), a Victorian-era vigilante (in Batman: Gotham by Gaslight), and a Russian revolutionary (in Superman: Red Son), just to name a few. But in a new DC comic, Batman will embark on a whole new quest in a fantasy

Written by Tom Taylor (Nightwing, Injustice) with art by Yasmine Putri, Dark Knights of Steel takes place in a new DC medieval fantasy world where Batman isn't even the only familiar resident. This world will be changed when a spaceship crash-lands from a doomed planet. But what seems like the end of the world for many is only the beginning of this story. So yes, Superman and Wonder Woman will also be a part of this, along with Harley Quinn, Black Lightning, and more.

"I've spent the last two years creating a new epic fantasy universe for DC Comics, and Dark Knights of Steel is an absolute dream come true," Taylor told EW in a statement.

"Despite being the writer of the DC horror series, DCeased, I'm actually a huge a fantasy fan. Combining two of my favorite things, DC superheroes and high fantasy, is my absolute happy place. I grew up reading Lord of the Rings alongside Superman. Terry Pratchett alongside Garth Ennis. Robin Hobb and Mark Waid. Dragonlance and Justice League. Now I get to bring all this together with the incredible Yasmine Putri, in the biggest story I could imagine. A tale of war and love, of despair and hope, of betrayal and improbable alliances forged in battle."

Promising "all-new origins for Batman and Superman, for Harley Quinn and Black Lightning," Taylor says that this series is "for the fans of shows like Game of Thrones and Critical Role. This is for the kids who took dice to school, who chose their own adventure, and dreamed of flying in a cape."


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