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07.09.22 SOURCES


WB and HBO MAX released the first teaser and poster for Harley Quinn Season 3, coming July 28th.



Nigerian-American filmmaker Julius Onah, perhaps best known for helming the 2018 thriller The Cloverfield Paradox, will direct the fourth installment of the Captain America film franchise for Marvel Studios.

Anthony Mackie is starring in the feature, reprising his long-time Marvel character of Sam Wilson, but not, however, Wilson’s long-time alter ego and Captain America sidekick, Falcon. That is thanks to the events of 2021’s Marvel’s Disney+ series, Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which saw Wilson, after much self-doubt, finally accept the shield and mantle of Captain America.

It’s not known what the paths for the character will be next, but something thought-provoking is likely. Malcolm Spellman, the creator and head writer of Winter Soldier, is penning the script with Dalan Musson, a staff writer on the show.


Scott Snyder has become one of the most recognizable names in the comic book industry thanks to his best-selling work on titles like Batman and Justice League. But lately, Snyder has been focusing his efforts on his personal imprint Best Jackett Press and a new wave of creator-owned comics. Just in time for Comic-Con, Snyder is set to launch a new trio of digital-first books as part of the Comixology Originals program. All three series will debut on July 19, just ahead of the start of SDCC. As with all Comixology Originals titles, these books are free to read for subscribers of Comixology Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited and Prime Reading, and they can also be purchased individually.


Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Dan Panosian & Richard Starkings

Length: 7 issues

Snyder is returning to the horror genre and teaming up with Hardcore artist Dan Panosian. Canary is a Wild West-themed horror story, one where a deadly shooting leads to an even darker mystery inside a collapsed mine. What evil lurks 666 feet underground?


Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Tula Lotay, Dee Cunniffe and Richard Starkings

Length: 5 issues

This limited series reunites Snyder with All-Star Batman and Chain artist Tula Lotay. Set just after the end of World War I, Barnstormers combines romance and dogfighting action in a story that evokes the infamous criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.

Dudley Datson and the Forever Machine

Creative Team: Scott Snyder, Jamal Igle, Juan Castro, Chris Sotomayor & Tom Napolitano

Length: 5 issues

Snyder is teaming with Supergirl artist Jamal Igle for a science fiction series about an aspiring inventor who might just be his own worst enemy. Dudley Datson dreams of becoming the next Albert Einstein, but he may have bitten off more than he can chew after building a device that allows him to control time and space.



This October, acclaimed writers and artists throughout the comic book industry will come together to highlight the rich tapestry of the Black Panther’s homeland like never before in WAKANDA, a brand-new limited series!

Spinning out of recent events in John Ridley’s epic run on BLACK PANTHER, T’Challa is no longer welcome in the land he once ruled. What is this proud nation without its king? This exciting new miniseries answers that question and more, as each issue spotlights a different fan-favorite Wakandan character as they rise up to protect their great nation in exciting new stories by a wide range of creators.

In WAKANDA #1, writer Stephanie Williams and artist Paco Medina will start things off with an in-depth tale about T’Challa’s genius younger sister and former Black Panther, Shuri. Shuri proves that being without the Black Panther doesn’t mean Wakanda is without heroes to protect it—and that there is a reason she too once wielded the power.

“I’ve been such a huge fan of the Black Panther over the years, especially the evolution and expansion of the women of Wakanda. It’s truly an honor to kick off the new series with the Shuri story I wrote. I hope I can add to her and Wakanda’s already impressive lore.”

Each issue of WAKANDA will also contain a “History of the Black Panthers” backup story by writer Evan Narcisse and artist Natacha Bustos, providing for the first time anywhere a definitive overview of all the Wakandans who have held the mantle of the Black Panther!



THE END OF SPIDER-VERSE IS UPON US! In the aftermath of EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE, the upcoming limited series that explores and introduces Spider-Heroes from across the Multiverse, comes a new ongoing series by two of Spider-Man’s most legendary creators—Dan Slott and Mark Bagley! Just in time for Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, the two Spidey masterminds will be teaming up for the first time on the Web-Slinger to unleash the full potential of the Spider-Verse and its beloved heroes in SPIDER-MAN #1!

The new saga will kick off when a threat emerges that will change the fate of Peter Parker and all his fellow Spider icons such as Spider-Woman, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales, Silk, and more, including the new heroes that will debut in EDGE OF SPIDER-VERSE. The series will also tie directly into the events of Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr.’s AMAZING SPIDER-MAN run, picking up plot elements such as Spidey’s new costume and his mysterious association with Norman Osborn!

Morlun is back and he is not alone. Allied with one of the most powerful beings known to the Spider-Verse, the scariest Spider-Villain of all time is making his biggest play and no Spider is safe. Especially not the Chosen Spider himself, Peter Parker. With Peter working for Norman Osborn and using a glider… does he have it coming?

Here's what Slott had to say about his grand return to Spider-Man: “How does it feel to be writing Spider-Man again? Like I'm home. Like there's nowhere else I'd rather be. How does it feel to be working on it with Mark Bagley, one of the greatest Spidey icons of all time?! Honored, excited, and unstoppable! Mark and I are two guys who live to tell Spider-Man stories. Cut us and we bleed Spider-Man. And now Marvel has entrusted the two of us to bring back their monthly-- adjectiveless-- SPIDER-MAN title!


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