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06.19.21 SOURCES


Andy Muschetti released our first look at the Flash's new suit from his upcoming solo film.


Andy Muschetti released our first look at Supergirl's from The Flash.


Disney+ announced that all of their original series will now be released on Wednesdays instead of Fridays.

Original films will be released on Fridays.


Titans season 3 teaser dropped, revealing the first three episodes will debut August 12th



DC Comics announced the official release date and creative team for Deathstroke Inc.

Penned by acclaimed writer Joshua Williamson and drawn by artist Howard Porter, the first issue in the series, Deathstroke Inc. #1, releases Sept. 28, 2021.

Porter and Williamson will reunite for Deathstroke Inc. after their recent run on The Flash. This series will be another addition to Williamson's roster, as he has written for many DC Comics, including Batman, Robin, Batman/Superman, Dark Nights: Death Metal and, his most recent run, Infinite Frontier. Porter, as well, has worked on series like Justice League, Batman Beyond Unlimited, JLA and Superman.

Official synopsis:

After suffering too many losses, Slade Wilson decides it's time for a change. When he's enlisted to work with an ages-old secret organization called T.R.U.S.T. who want to take down the heavy-hitter villains, he's all in.



This September, writer Chuck Brown (Bitter Root) will be working with artist Valentine De Landro (Bitch Planet) on a six-issue Black Manta series for DC. DC has not provided any details on the story of the limited series, or art as of yet.

This will be Black Manta's first solo series of any length, unless you count his spotlight issue back in 2021, Aquaman #23.1, for DC Villains Month.


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