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HERE'S A TASTE of our content!

Channel Intro

about us!

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We're a trio of storytelling enthusiasts working to share our passion about geek culture, art, and media; all while hanging with the boys!


Or as the tagline puts it:

"Three broke guys around a microphone talking about comic culture."


The three of us have been cross-pollinated friends for quite a few years and always contemplated producing our own geeky content, but in the year of our lord 2020 we decided to embark on this content creation journey together, and thus the Dime Comic Bros were formed!


Cue the epic hero music!


three weeks per month collin, Jacob, and spencer sit down TO chat about geeky news or a main topic, current shows, ongoing comics, and go over whatever nonsense each of us has been up to ON OUR OWN!


the fourth week Jacob and Spencer co-host DIme Gaming Bros, where we discuss gaming news, review a video game adaptation, as well as review video games more in-depth!

once A month(ish) WE ALSO UPLOAD OUR ongoing D&D Campaign, DM'ed by Collin! (when we get around to it) (currently on hiatus)

d&d v1.png
About Us!
The Line-Up!


Jacob is our tech guru and aspiring improv comedian. (At least that's what he tells us.)

He tries his best to make us all laugh, operates our hardware and software set-up, edits our podcasts, and does general tech nerd things!


Jacob also streams on Twitch occasionally, go check it out!



Spencer is our pr manager, eternal discussion balancer, and terminally online amateur philosopher.


He handles our social media and marketing, as well as research and organization!


Collin is our goofy and easily distracted artist.

(also our "Japanese art expert", whatever that means)


He designs our branding, sketches for our patrons, and creates various other pieces of incredible art!

(currently on hiatus, check his socials for more details)

the line-up!

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